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Kate Kelly

If you're interested in where I'll be showing my art, or present where others are also showing their art, this is the page to find it. If you're interested in any of my art not shown on the site at this time, this page may also feature downloads that show available collections of mine that might be of interest to you. I've asked that this page be produced to handle all things of a general nature. Write to me if you'd like to be informed of my upcoming shows or any questions you might have of a general nature. I always enjoy conversing with art lovers.You might also be interested to know that I am a published poet, with a full length book of poems entitled "Barking At Sunspots" in addition to my many chap books and small press poetry magazine submissions. In fact, I am one of the original founders of the Northport Arts Coalition now in its 25th year. Enjoy your day and stay safe. Your friend in everything creative, Kate Kelly

For those who like to know what's happening of late.